The Web We Like

This page contains links to funny and interesting sites we like on the WWW as well as just plain good companies.


Dilbert. If you've ever worked in an office, you'll appreciate this

If you hate mobile phones in public places

Just to prove that truth is stranger than fiction

Seen a corny film recently? Chances are the reasons are here

An excellent evening in York if you've got a couple of hours to "kill"


Find the cheapest petrol or diesel near you

Computer news

Check your firewall is working

Online anti-virus checker

Anti-Spyware software


Find your old school friends

The best National Lottery page

Find out about your area

Brill maps and aerial photos


The finest lamb and beef for your freezer, raised right here in Micklebring by the Spencer brothers.

An interesting application for Peltiers.

The best place to stay on Telendos. Great food, great company.

Lovely hotel and bar on Kalymnos, Greece run by two lovely brothers.

Everything you ever wanted to know about TV aerials but were afraid to ask. And loads of other stuff too.

Need a home for a website? WebTapestry offer a cheap, helpful service

The best site on the net

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