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All the Different Spices


Ground dried mango powder.

Chilli Powder

Don't buy "extra hot" chilli powder as the recipes here are all quite warm. If you've already got extra hot then use at least half measures.


Ground Coriander provides a rich brown colour or as seeds for flavour.

Garam Masala

Can be bought ready made but the recipe to make it is easy and once you've made it a few times you'll be able to adjust the amounts of different spices to suit your family's tastes.


Rub your fingers with lemon juice after you've peeled and crushed this to get rid of the smell.

Fresh Coriander Leaves

Added at the end of cooking to add a special flavour.


Turmeric (usually ground)


Cumin, either as seeds or ground.


Another hot powder. Don't overdo it.

Root Ginger

Always peel this first.


All the recipes use a lot of salt. You may wish to reduce the amount a bit or use low sodium salt if you're on a health kick.

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